Utility Wire and Cable

Medium Voltage Power


Concentric Neutral Distribution Cables (CN Cables)

Concentric Neutral Distribution Cables (CN Cables) are suitable for use above ground in open air, in conduit in air, directly buried, in underground duct, or aerially when suspended on a messenger wire.


CN cables are suitable for continuous operation at 90ºC wet or dry, and are sunlight resistant. Typical applications include residential, commercial and industrial main underground feeders where voltages of 5kv to 46kv are required. CN cables can also be used in Wind and Solar power distribution when cables are to be used in an underground application. These cables conform to CSA C68.5 specifications.

Copper Tape Shielded Power Cables (CTS Cables)

300 volt dry or damp application indoor and outdoor use. EmPowr® Link cables are intended for use in dry or wet locations for distribution of three phase medium voltage power. These cables may be installed in ducts or direct buried.