37 Series Telecom & Data Cables

Outside Plant


Designed for underground duct or aerial installation.


BDW A is a filled, doubled-jacketed buried wire intended for direct burial applications. It is designed to withstand installation stresses. BDW A is filled with an ETPR compound, which completely coats each insulated conductor and fills the air space between conductors. It is recommended for non-gopher areas.

Outside Plant Figure 8

Suited for aerial installations. The core and support member (messenger) lay parallel to each other forming a cross-sectional “figure 8.” The support messenger is an integral part of the cable sheath, yet readily available for gripping, pulling and tensioning.


ADW is a PVC jacketed 2 pair or 4 pair aerial service wire. It minimizes resistance unbalance, provides the necessary longitudinal strength, facilitates jacket removal, protects the core from mechanical damage, degradation by sunlight and the ingress of moisture.